A First Look at Our Cartoon President, Exclusively on FOX+

A First Look at Our Cartoon President, Exclusively on FOX+

Our Cartoon President is a satirical new animated series that focuses on the daily life of Donald Trump

Everyone knows who Donald Trump is, but his life in the White House is a mystery to many. This is where the hilarious new satirical TV show, ‘Our Cartoon President’, comes in. Created by Stephen Colbert, the animated series premiered in February of 2018 and is based off a segment that was featured on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’  The satirical show puts a spotlight on the current U.S. president and wants to “open the White House doors for an ‘all access’ look at a typical day in Donald Trump’s world.”

 This of course involves examining his most important relationships, from friends and family to key political figures in U.S. government. The show doesn’t shy away from portraying not only Trump, but also many of the people that surround him. This includes his family, members of the White House staff, and other U.S. government members. The characters are all represented through very distinct caricatures of themselves, being both hilarious and very dead on.

 The first episode tackles Trump as he attempts to prepare a State of the Union address that will improve his approval rating, while he also tries to fix his relationship with his wife Melania. As he goes through this endeavor, the viewers are given a first glimpse of his day-to-day life in the White House, which includes meetings, dinners, and even what the writers imagine Trump does in his spare time. In the first episode, audiences meet the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and several more. The character-packed first episode will might need one to be familiar with the current on-goings in the US government, but even if one isn’t, the show tells audiences to enough for them keep following.

 The first episode also highlights Trump’s relationship with his two sons, Eric and Donald Jr., as they navigate their roles in their father’s Presidency. Ivanka and Jared make a brief appearance, but one can expect that the two will play bigger roles in the future.  The episode ends with Trump delivering a bizarre State of the Union address, which works anyway, and ultimately mending his relationship with his wife.

 The show makes the writers’ opinions on the President clear by both lampooning him and the members of his administration and putting on display their less favorable personalities through their caricaturized characters. At the same time, the show also gives viewers a way to look at the President through the lens of comedy and informing those who might not know a lot about the U.S. government in a more unorthodox way.

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