FOX+: Filipino Fans Explain Why Their Favorite "The Voice" Contestants Deserve to Win

FOX+: Filipino Fans Explain Why Their Favorite "The Voice" Contestants Deserve to Win

It's been an amazing journey for all four finalists, each one with a number of outstanding performances under their belts. While audiences across the globe are waiting in anticipation for the grand finale, FOX+ asked fans from the Philippines to weigh in on why they think their favorite finalist deserves to take home the prize.

1. Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia)
This 18-year-old crooner can be considered a winner in his own right, having already won the hearts of fans everywhere. From his first performance of "Trouble" to his rendition of "Dancing On My Own" last week, Britton has consistently pulled off powerful numbers, especially under coach Alicia Keys -- and his Pinoy fans definitely agree.

"He's my favorite because his style is effortless and I could even compare him and his style with Ed Sheeran," Alma Gilbert from Olongapo City shared. "I even bought his songs on iTunes!"

"I love the tone of his voice, his guitar-playing skills, and his 'swag' when he performs. I thoroughly enjoyed his versions of 'What's Love Got To Do With It', 'Trouble', and 'Dancing on my Own'," said long time The Voice fan, Johann Timkang, a 22-year-old Ateneo student from Quezon City who has been watching the show religiously since season 4.

2. Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly)
Brynn has proved performance after performance that her talent is well beyond her years. Being the very first contestant that the show's newest judge, Kelly Clarkson, has turned for, Brynn doesn't fail to impress. Her soulful voice and memorable performances have earned her supporters all over the world, and the Philippines is no exception.

"I think Brynn Cartelli is going to win because she has had a lot of songs on iTunes that cracked the Top 10. Her songs have also been the most streamed," Timkang added. "And she's under Kelly Clarkson, a new coach, which gives her an edge because I feel like America is also rooting for Kelly Clarkson to win."

“Brynn’s vocals are always on point and first-time coach Kelly knows how to select the right song for this teenager. If Brynn is given the right winner’s single, Kelly might just score her first win.” shared Baus Rufo, a 27-year-old from Mandaluyong, and a fan since season 1.

3. Kyla Jade (Team Blake)
This former JHud back-up singer is definitely shining in the spotlight on season 14, especially with performances like "You Don't Own Me" or her emotional take on "This Is Me". Representing Team Blake in the finals, Kyla's singing prowess has moved many fans and has connected with them strongly. In the Philippines, her supporters show her plenty of well-deserved praise.

"I am just so in love with Kyla Jade," Rufo added. "[Her] performances are always a spiritual experience. This girl is just a star. She has dominated the iTunes rankings the last 2 weeks and more than her gargantuan talent, it is a testament of Blake's coaching. He has mastered the art of creating the right momentum that lands just in time for a win. This is Kyla Jade's season to lose."

“I was so moved during her performance of “This is Me!’ It was during that song that I knew she had a really good chance of winning everything,” Rianne Mendoza said. Although a new fan of the show, 34-year-old teacher Rianne from Cebu is really rooting for Kyla to win. 

4. Spensha Baker (Team Blake)
Also representing Team Blake and rounding out our final 4 is soul-country singer Spensha Baker. A 25-year-old Texan with a warm voice that could melt any heart, Spensha has been very consistent with her performances throughout the competition. Her vocal stylings have allowed her to nail every note and every number, making audiences look forward to what she brings to the table every time she comes out on stage. Her Philippine fan base is always present as well when it comes to anticipating what Spensha will be up to next.

"She's my bet to win because her no-frills performances are straight-forward and she knows how to showcase her technique and talent," Spensha fan, Karl Echaluse, shared. Echaluse is a musician from Makati and has been watching the more recent seasons of The Voice. "She seems to really know her voice and her capabilities, so she knows how to maximize it to give us listeners a really solid performance. She doesn't play around and has potential to become an incredibly successful artist, especially given the right coaching from Blake."

The Top 4 finalists of season 14 of The Voice have very strong support coming from Pinoy fans, and deservingly so. People are all very excited to find out who will come out on top and take home that win. Make sure to be the first to watch the grand finale and see who will be the champion.

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