Iconic Moments of the ‘90s Featured In NatGeo’s ‘Decades Remixed’

Iconic Moments of the ‘90s Featured In NatGeo’s ‘Decades Remixed’

For plenty of people, it’s still mind-boggling to imagine the ‘90s as almost 30 years ago due to how significant and iconic the decade was. This National Geographic documentary covers some of the highlights of a highly influential and powerful era.

Plenty of people today would be hard pressed to pick only a few iconic and momentous events from the ‘90s. Right at the cusp of the new millennium, the ‘90s was a turning point for plenty of within pop culture, entertainment, technology, and even politics. It’s no wonder that the decade is often a subject of nostalgia and wistfulness and holds an important place in the memories of so many. 

For those wanting to either relive the ‘90s or learn more about how it shaped the world of today, the National Geographic documentary series ‘Decade’s Remixed: The ‘90s Greatest’ is the ultimate compilation of everything you need to know about the revered era. Here are five fascinating things that the series covers.

1. Sex and scandals in the ‘90s
It was a charged era when it came to the topic of sex and scandals. The abstinence movement was largely present, while similarly, there were sex scandals of all kinds, from Bill Clinton to Pamela Anderson. People, especially the youth, were learning more and more about sex and audiences were becoming more exposed to it in entertainment. Shows like Sex and the City exploded and led the march for more sex positive media. 

2. The internet boom
Arguably one of the most defining things about the ‘90s was beginning of the internet era. Formerly exclusively used by the government and military, the introduction of the internet to the masses changed how people were communicating and consuming media almost overnight. Aided by companies like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo!, plus a fair share of online scandals and controversies, the world was never the same again after being connected to the world wide web.

3. Gay culture and the fight for acceptance
While the fight for acceptance neither started nor ended in the ‘90s, there were important iconic milestones in the era. America was largely conservative during the decade which eventually fueled the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy in the military. It was a testing time between the stance of Bill Clinton and the stance of the congress regarding the rule. Meanwhile, in the media, Ellen DeGeneres changed the world forever when she came out of the closet. A lot was at stake, including her hit sitcom which would eventually lose viewership — but in the end, it had paved the path for progresses for the LGBT community. 

4. The explosion of Gangsta rap
While this new style of rap started in the late ‘80s, it was really in the ‘90s when this genre exploded. Leading the march was NWA and the iconic Tupac Shakur, whose music and influence are still around today. The aggressive and confrontational style of the genre spoke to and resonated with a large number of America’s youth, most especially in the African American community. However, this new liberation and way of expression wasn’t the only thing that came with Gangsta rap — gang violence also emerged into the limelight, resulting in the murder of Tupac Shakur being one of the most earth-shattering and ground-breaking events of the ‘90s. 

5. Iconic television and entertainment
The ‘90s had no shortage of significant television. One could even argue that it was the golden era for TV, as it was one of the last pre-streaming eras. The sitcom was king, introducing the audiences to shows like Seinfeld and Friends, which would run for almost a decade themselves and would continue to be fan favorites. However, more than funny TV, the ‘90s also ushered in culturally significant shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-air and Ellen. 

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