The Last of Legion: What to Expect from the Show’s Third and Final Season

The Last of Legion: What to Expect from the Show’s Third and Final Season

With two highly successful seasons under its belt, Legion ends its run with the anticipated final third season. This is what fans and viewers can expect from the last of the mutant-centered series.

After a short run of only two seasons, the hit superhero show is bidding fans farewell with its third instalment, as has been the plan from the very conception of the show. Launching only in 2017, Legion is the first TV series to be loosely tied to the X-men cinematic universe. 

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So far, Legion has received near-universal critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. Plenty credit it to the show’s bold and original take on the standard superhero depictions. From the psychedelic and surreal visuals to its intelligent dialogue and themes, the series is a welcome departure from what comic fans have seen before and has successfully carved a space for itself in the saturated world of TV. 

As fans gear up for season three premiering on June 24 of this year, we look back at the past two seasons and take a peek at what may lie ahead.  

A look back at the first two seasons 
The show revolves around David Haller (Dan Stevens), a mutant antihero diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age. As he moves from hospital to hospital, he slowly discovers that his mental illness is not the only thing that makes him different. While his mutant powers reveal themselves in season 1, Haller has a run in with Division 3, who attempts to hunt him down. He’s saved by a group of mutants at the Summerland facility and eventually discovers that Amahl Farouk also known as the Shadow King, a villainous and parasitic mutant, has infected his mind. 

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Season 2 revisits the mutants a year after the Shadow King escaped in an attempt to find his original body and Haller was kidnapped and trapped by a mysterious orb. Across the season, the team comes together to combat the Farouk’s mind virus called the Catalyst while Haller ends up working with Farouk in exchange for the latter promising to no longer kill.  The season ends with a thrilling mental battle between Haller and the Shadow King, eventually leading into a trial. Audiences were left seeing Haller caged away, repeating the mantra: ‘I am a good person, I deserve love.’

A peek into Season Three
At least one new mutant will join the Legion cast this season and she goes by the name of Switch. Played by Lauren Tsai, the young mutant is said to have time traveling powers and becomes a critical aspect for Haller’s plans. 

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Being the final season, audiences can expect to see the monumental repercussions of the past two seasons finally unravel, especially when it comes to Haller himself. His eventual descent into grey area villainy is becoming imminent, and has been confirmed by the show creators themselves.

“For me, I always had this question in my mind, what would happen if Walter White was a supervillain? That Breaking Bad superhero show. This idea, especially in the X-Men universe, that the moral line between good and evil is often fudge-able,” Show creator Noah Hawley shared in an interview with EW.  “Magneto, who sometimes is their villain and sometimes is on their side, and the idea of what the right thing to do is can shift depending on the circumstances. So I wanted to evolve the show so that you realize over time that maybe David’s not the hero of your show, but maybe Syd is the hero of your show.”

With that in the minds of the creators, it seems that the emphasis will be on the non-linear road to becoming a villain, a hero, neither, or both. 

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In an interview with TVLine, Hawley has also shared some of his thoughts regarding the fact that this will be the show’s last season. “I think endings are what gives stories meaning," Hawley shared. "I always thought of this as a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end. It felt like it had three acts so this was a natural place to end it… For me, it was always that… I feel like the most powerful version of the story is the most concise version of the story.”

Lastly, perhaps one of the most thrilling things that fans can expect from season three is an appearance from Haller’s father, Charles Xavier himself. The mutant leader is no stranger to being depicted on the big screen, but this is one of the first live action portrayals of the famous mind reader on the small screen. Harry Lloyd will play Charles Xavier in Legion’s last season, while Stephanie Corniliussen will play Haller’s mother Gabrielle.  

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