UFC 242: Diamonds and Eagles — Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier

UFC 242: Diamonds and Eagles — Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier

UFC 242 is turning up the heat as the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov is set to face Dusting Poirier this September 8, at The Arena in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Will Khabib remain undefeated? Or will there be a new UFC lightweight champ?

On September 8, UFC 242 will pit two of the most distinguished lightweights in UFC history. Undefeated Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov, the current UFC lightweight champ, will face off against the rising star Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier. 

Learn more about the matches and fighters below. 

Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov
Earning a record of 27 wins and zero loses is no joke. In fact, it's currently the longest anyone has ever gone undefeated in the history of MMA — and that's just all in a day’s work for Khabib Nurmagomedov. Also known as "The Eagle", Khabib is the first Russian to have ever won a UFC title, and is currently the reigning champ in the lightweight division.

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Khabib's 27-win streak isn't just against small fry. In the span of his MMA career, The Eagle was able to put down fighters like Darell Horcher, Edson Barboza, and Conor McGregor. He ends most of his fights through submission, which shows how amazing of a grappler he is. 

Those who aren't familiar with Khabib might not know that he also has a flourishing career outside of the UFC. A natural fighter by profession, Khabib stands today having won two championships in Combat sambo, two championships in grappling, one gold for pankration. 

So, the question that begs to be asked is: Will Dustin Poirier be able to put a stop to The Eagle’s flight?

Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier
Currently placed eight in the official UFC pound-for-pound rankings, Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier is one of UFC's rising stars. Having a record of 25 wins, five loses and zero draws makes him one of the fighters you should watch out for. 

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Poirier began his UFC career in 2011 when he faced Josh Grispi in UFC 125. Poirier won via unanimous decision, which allowed him to make his mark in the realm of the UFC. Since then, he's made his way through the top, beating fighters like Eddie Alvarez, Anthony Pettis, and Max Holloway.

For his next match, Poirier stands against a veteran fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Will Poirier’s momentum be enough to stop Khabib’s streak? We’ll all find out at UFC 242.

UFC 242: The Eagle vs. The Diamond
The difference between the two fighters makes the match quite the nail-biter. Khabib’s fighting style clearly favours close up strikes and a grappling, while Poirier is a straight up striker. His accuracy can bring down even the most persistent of fighters. 

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Because of Khabib’s inclination towards grappling, it can only be expected that he’ll attempt to close the gap between him and his opponent, tire him out, look for an opening, and aim for a takedown. Dustin, on the other hand, is expected to do a more defensive play – a lot of waiting and counter strikes when the time is right.

Will The Diamond take down The Eagle? Or will The Eagle remain on top of the food chain? We don't know yet, but we're definitely eager to find out!

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