Unsettling Facts About Dexter

Unsettling Facts About Dexter

Iconic TV series Dexter is all at once entertaining, violent, and sometimes just downright chilling. If that wasn’t enough from this pop culture hit, here are some unsettling things viewers might not know about this crime drama.

Not many shows enjoy the same fame and iconic influence as crime drama mystery, Dexter. Running for eight seasons over seven years, the series have captured the attention and fixation of audiences all over the world. 

The show revolves around Dexter Morgan who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a forensic technician. However, Morgan leads a double life as a vigilante serial killer who kills murderers that have not been arrested, or have somehow escaped the justice system. The show’s graphic scenes and violent murders have now become its trademark and brand. 

Throughout its eight seasons, fans have continued to praise Dexter and have come back to watch year after year. In fact, the show has broken several records when it comes to viewership across the years — most notably, the series finale brought in 2.8 million viewers, the largest audiences in the history of Showtime. The series has also been nominated for a total of 23 Primetime Emmy Awards and nine Golden Globes.

It’s not surprising that a show of this calibre has accumulated some stories around it beyond what we see on television. Here are some unsettling facts about Dexter.

1. Dexter has inspired some actual murders

Over the years, there have been a few real-life crimes that are associated with the show. The earliest case was in 2009 where a 17-year-old boy named Andrew Conley stated that he watched Dexter and that he ‘feels just like him’. According to Conley, the show was his inspiration for strangling his 10-year-old brother.  In 2014, another 17-year-old named Steven Miles was arrested for stabbing his girlfriend in Surrey. Miles was reported to be obsessed with the show as well. 

2. There’s reportedly a real-life Dexter serial killer 

If the thought of Dexter being a fictional character isn’t already unhinging enough, he shares similarities with Pedro Rodrigues Filho, a Brazilian serial killer who has almost 100 victims under his name. The 63-year-old attempted his first murder at the age of 13 and continued to kill in the name of revenge and justice since.

3. Real weapons were used during filming

In the series, when Dexter would go out to execute his murders, he’d prepare several weapons to carry this out. These would include knives, chainsaws and other blades. During filming, there would be several instances where instead of fake props, the crew would actually use real-life weapons with the blades dulled or removed. This would still prove to be quite dangerous as one of the actors reportedly stabbed a stunt woman accidentally even with a dulled blade during filming.

4. The Trinity Killer was based off a real murderer

Arguably one of the show’s most haunting antagonists is Arthur Mitchell, AKA The Trinity Killer. Played by John Lithgow, audiences can see that The Trinity Killer was unlike plenty of killers that Dexter has faced off with in the past — a man with a double life, the character’s façade of a loving family man only makes his secret life as a killer even more chilling. It turns out that the character was actually inspired loosely by the BTK killer who also posed as a blameless member of the community with strong religious connections. 

5. All of Dexter’s victims were really nude under all the plastic

Fans familiar with the show are no strangers to Dexter’s ritual when he secured a victim. When preparing for his kill, Dexter would have the room primed, his gear ready, and of course, his target for that day would also be in the same set-up as the ones before — secured to a table with plastic, naked. According to reports, most of the actors who actually played Dexter’s victims were in fact, actually nude underneath the layers of plastic wrap. Sometime, they would only go with as little as flimsy underwear or a thong to cover up. 

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