Why Dr. Conrad Hawkins is The Most Crushable TV Doctor

Why Dr. Conrad Hawkins is The Most Crushable TV Doctor

Medical drama The Resident follows the lives of the doctors at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, one of which is Dr. Conrad Hawkins. Here’s why he’s one of viewers’ biggest TV crushes.

Premiered in January 2018, the medical drama focuses on three doctors from Chastain Park Memorial Hospital — Dr. Conrad Hawkins, a third-year resident internist, Dr. Devon Pravesh, and nurse Nicolette Nevin. The series explores the careers of these doctors as well as their relationships with each other and other staff members. 

The main differentiating focus of the show, however, is its spotlight on the behind-the-scenes of hospital work. It gives viewers a peek into the inner workings of the health care system, the complexities of the decisions doctors have to make, hospital politics, scenarios of medical malpractices, and even deliberation violations of medical ethics. The Resident which is available on FOX+ has really pulled the curtain back on things that non-hospital workers might never have seen, and viewers have regarded this aspect of the series as eye opening and heartbreaking.

The show’s premium on the difficult ethics surrounding health-care providers and hospitals has certainly gained recognition from viewers and critics alike. In the show, the main voice behind the telling of these thorny situations is senior resident Dr. Conrad Hawkins, who has won the heart of many fans. Here are a few reasons why he’s one of TV’s most crushable doctors.

1. Matt Czuchry’s Portrayal
It would be difficult to separate Dr. Conrad Hawkins from TV veteran Matt Czuchry. The actor, who has starred in Gilmore Girl and The Good Wife, has always been a fan-favorite for his charm and good looks. In The Resident, he plays Dr. Conrad Hawkins as confident, touch, and cocky — qualities that many viewers have found extremely attractive. 

2. He’s a brilliant doctor
Dr. Conrad Hawkins’ skills and competency is not lost on viewers — in fact, his brilliance as a medical practitioner is often the highlight of the show. A lot of his knowledge comes from his experience as a medic in Afghanistan. 

3. He’s very intense and passionate
One of Dr. Conrad Hawkin’s main relationships in the hospital is with his first year resident, Dr. Devon Pravesh. Dr. Pravesh is idealistic and young, but he’s often met with the toughness and intensity of Dr. Hawkins. Hawkins shows a hardened exterior, fueled by experience and knowing the real truth behind a lot of the on-goings at the hospital. Hawkins’ passion and hard-cut approach shows that he’s there to get the job done.

4. He truly cares
While tough and arrogant at first glance, viewers often see that Dr. Hawkins actually does truly care. When it comes to his patients, Dr. Hawkins acts as a champion for the little guy, standing up for them and making sure they’re treated right. His compassion and heart for saving lives fuels his day-to-day actions, even if sometimes they might land him in hot water.   

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