Why One Strange Rock is the Next Need-To-Watch Show

Why One Strange Rock is the Next Need-To-Watch Show

National Geographic’s new documentary series about our home planet boasts from a completely new point-of-view.

They say that there’s no place like home, but how much do people really, actually know about the planet they inhabit? National Geographic’s ‘One Strange rock’ on FOX+ aims to give its audiences completely unique insights and answers to this question, all while making Earth feel a little more out of this world.

Released in March 2018, this 10-part documentary series has grabbed the attention of people everywhere – and it’s not hard to see why. Here are five reasons why  ‘One Strange Rock’ is your next need-to-watch show.

1. You see the story through the one-of-a-kind perspective of astronauts.
There aren’t a lot of people who understand Earth quite like those who have left it and observed it from a distance. One of the things that make One Strange Rock so epically different from other documentaries is the fact that it has 8 different astronauts at the helm of its narrative, with over 1000 days of in space combined between them. Amongst the featured astronauts are Chris Hadfield, viral sensation and the first Canadian astronaut on the ISS, as well as Mae Jemison, the first African-American female astronaut.

It’s difficult to not be in awe of the experiences that these experts share with the viewers. These spacemen and spacewomen inject the show with incredible insights, and give audiences fresh viewpoint from which to see this planet.

2.    It’s visually breathtaking.
Shot in 6 continents, 45 countries, and even from the International Space Station, One Strange Rock is a visual triumph. It took the team a year to stage almost 140 different shoots all over the globe – from Peru to Ethiopia, from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean, and from the Magha Puja festival in Thailand and all the way up to outer space. The series takes viewers on a stunning cinematic journey that isn’t just beautiful because of the visuals, but also because of the way they’re cut together to fit in with the context of the story.

From the macro shots of water rising from the soil cutting to the mesmerizing takes of a lightning storm 240 miles from the Earth’s surface,  ‘One Strange Rock’ proves that it teaches audiences science through showing them art.

3.    Renowned filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky, is one of the producers.
At the wheel of ‘One Strange Rock’ is Darren Aronofsky, director of acclaimed films such as Black Swan, mother!, The Wrestler, and Requiem for a Dream. Along with his team, Aronofksy has put in the work to create a documentary series that tells one coherent story despite the enormous breadth of the topic at hand. Building on pace, sound, and their awe-inducing visuals, the team crafts episodes that one can expect will move audiences across the globe. 

4.    It answers questions you’ve asked and questions you have never thought to ask
‘How do we breathe?’, ‘Why can’t life exist without death?’, ‘Why do we drive cars?’, ‘How did our planet end up here?’

These are just some of the questions that One Strange Rock navigates through, with each episode in the 10-part series exploring a different central question – each with an answer that is very human, or at the very least, relevant to humans, at it’s heart. One Strange Rock challenges its viewers to keep asking questions and is fueled with the spirit of curiosity and discovery. 

5.    It’s hosted by none other than Will Smith
Relatable, cool, and comedic, Will Smith serves as the guide throughout the journey of the series. We see facets of his life in relation to the topic at hand, be it him walking his dog or going boxing, as a way of translating how and why the science being explored is relevant to people’s day-to-day lives. Smith acts as a spectator alongside the audience, anchoring them as well as awakening their sense of awe and wonder.

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